Attack the Champs-Elysées: the investigations are continuing at two-day d'a presidential under high surveillance

Attack the Champs-Elysées: the investigations are continuing at two-day d'a presidential under high surveillance

After the bombing that killed on Thursday evening a police officer in the heart of Paris, on the famous Champs-Elysées, investigators continued Friday their investigation, two days before the first round of a presidential placed under high surveillance because of the threat of jihadi.

François Hollande has “summoned” a council of defence on Friday at 8: 00 a.m., the following Thursday evening of a crisis meeting during which the Head of State met with the Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the ministers of the Interior and Justice, Matthias Fekl, and Jean-Jacques Urvoas. In the course of this shooting, two other police officers were wounded, one seriously, while a tourist was more “lightly” hit by a bullet, according to authorities.

The assailant was shot dead by the police. The attack, which took place around 21: 00, was almost immediately claimed by the group jihadist islamic State (EI), the origin of the most attacks, sometimes mass, which have been 238 deaths since 2015 in France. the “the author of The attack of the Champs-Elysées in the centre of Paris is Abu Yussef the Belgian, and this is one of the fighters of the islamic State,” according to a press release issued by its propaganda organ Qama. However, according to sources close to the investigation, the perpetrator shot and killed is a French 39-year-old, who was already the subject of a counter-terrorism investigation. This therefore poses the question of whether this is the same man as the one given by the AR. the “The identity of the attacker is known and has been verified,” said in front of the press, near the place of the attack, the public prosecutor of Paris, François Molins. But he refused to disclose it, due to the necessities of the investigation opened by the public prosecutor anti-terrorism.

The man was targeted by an anti-terrorism investigation for having expressed his intention to kill police officers and was arrested on 23 February, before being released by the justice for lack of sufficient evidence, according to sources close to the investigation. He had already been sentenced in 2005 to fifteen years of imprisonment for attempted murder on a police officer, a student keeper of the peace and the brother of the latter, in Seine-and-Marne. A search was conducted Thursday night in this department to the home of the assailant, as the holder of the carte grise of the vehicle used in the attack. The man appeared to have acted alone in the assault, and investigations are ongoing to establish the “if it has benefited or not of complicity”, said Mr Molins.

speaking in a serious tone from the Elysée, François Hollande said he is “convinced” that the shooting was “to order a terrorist“, promising to be a “vigilance absolute” to secure the presidential election, whose first round takes place Sunday. The Head of State announced that a “national tribute” will be returned to the police officer killed. The main presidential candidates, who paraded on a tv tray for a final oral examination, have denounced the attack and offered their support to the forces of the order. Marine Le Pen, François Fillon, and Emmanuel Macron have cancelled their latest travel campaign planned for Friday.


  • ‘Shooting short’

“The attacker arrived by car, was released. He opened fire on the police bus with automatic weapons, killed a police officer and tried to take it out on the other current”, reported a police source. The district has been completed, and large forces of police have been deployed on the famous and very tourist artery of the capital. A helicopter flew over the area. Shukri Chouanine, manager of a restaurant located on rue de Ponthieu, in a side street, told AFP he heard a “shoot-short” but with “lots of shooting”. “We had to hide our customers in all our sub-soil”, he added. The Interior minister Matthias Fekl praised the “professionalism, immense, the devotion, the sense of duty of the police” who “helped prevent carnage on the Champs-Elysées“.

Several capitals, have expressed their support for France. The american president Donald Trump, referring to “terrorist attack“, has presented its “condolences to the people of France”, while the German chancellor Angela Merkel said stand, “firm and determined to the sides” of the French.

The presidential election, very indecisive, will take place for the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic under the regime of the state of emergency introduced in the wake of the attacks on the 13 November 2015. The latest deadly attacks date back to the summer of 2016, when the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice had been the scene of an attack at the truck the ram 14 July 2016 (86 deaths).

A police officer and his companion had also been killed in June during an attack at their home in Magnanville, in the paris region, becoming the symbol of law enforcement particularly targeted by the jihadists. And a new attack has been foiled, according to authorities with the arrest Tuesday of two men suspected of preparing a “a violent action” in the midst of elections. Clement Baur, 23 years old, and Mahiedine Merabet, aged 29, were arrested at the exit of a Marseille apartment, where investigators found an arsenal of important consisting of weapons and three kilograms of explosive craft.

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