Asparagus, head-to-head

Asparagus, head-to-head

Il needs to have a good dose of resilience to achieve to love a food that is associated with a humiliation recurring during childhood. First lesson of classical dance, to the age of reason, and the verdict announced to my mother dépitée : your daughter is a great asparagus any steep, it would be better to opt for another sport…

Award the same as the course of gymnastics : my support stretched spilled lanky awkward had still look beautiful, but the laurels seemed to be reserved for little bits of girls in rubber. You guessed it, I finished basketball player, handballeuse, swimmer and… oral consumption # of asparagus, it was necessary to revenge a little bit !

Sweet revenge in the truth as between large stems, are known to appreciate in value. At the time when I discovered – well before the green ones have invaded the market, I shared also with them a complexion invariably pale, or pallid, just enhanced sometimes roseurs shy.

this was the end, fortunately, the comparison, since these seedlings owe their whiteness to a monastic life and underground, and preserved from the light of day. The varieties are purple, they, point just the nose to the outside of their mound sandy, while the green less timid grow bold in the open air, letting the rays of the sun reveal their impetuous chlorophyll.

Good companion of the lazy

class variable ranging from a small inch to three or four times more for the more vigorous, these shoots of the lily family have a silhouette that is instantly recognisable to their bud formed of scales close.

A morphology that can lead to another comparison, which I leave to the pen of Olivier Rolin : ” Oblong, ending in a turgor budding, a kind of acorn leafy, asparagus is a slender phallus plant “ (A look closely, Fiction & Cie, a level, 2015). Deepening the study of the subject, the writer observes that ” the asparagus gives the piss a characteristic smell, earthy and champignonneuse, sweetish at the same time as pepper, which provides for certain (I’m an) luxury discreet autoérotisme olfactory “.

each Has its own pleasures. For my part, it is mainly at the stage of preparation and the tasting is that I enjoy this vegetable. Good companion of the lazy, it requires neither a shelling nor patient peeling, unlike his teammates in spring, as the pea or the bean.

just to get a close shave with a potato peeler, and only for the specimens with the thicker skin (white and purple), a cutting of the woody part of the heel (2 to 5 cm) and a brief water rinse. It is ready.

Stems aristocratic

Ready for the decisive phase, that of the cooking, which must be as delicate as asparagus itself. A time of giddiness, and the proud green saw the khaki effete ; a sudden movement, and the stems aristocratic end up as Marie-Antoinette.

A tip is to bind the asparagus into a bundle with kitchen twine. And welded, they are less fragile and easier to manipulate, especially for cooking and boiling water. Furthermore, there is a specific material called cooked-asparagus, tall and narrow pot with a basket, which allows you to submerge the stems in the vertical, any cooking tips to the steam…

For my part, I practice cooking full steam, piercing regularly the asparagus with the tip of a knife, and removing the ones that are already cooked if their diameter is unequal.

the Last option, for the specimens, the more tender : to quickly move to the frying pan with the olive oil and salt, moisten with very little water, and wait for the evaporation.

as Well cooked al dente preference and served hot or warm, the asparagus integrate all kinds of recipes (salads, pan-fried, risotto, pies…) and constitute a trim of choice for the veal and the fish.

Infinitely small, they acoquinent happy with the fat (olive oil, fresh cream), and in particular that of the egg. Of citrus zest, some fresh herbs, some parmesan flakes or a good pepper freshly ground, can be enough to accompany them. Not too much should : their aromatic flavor and refined and expresses itself first of all in its simplicity.

Salad of pourpier with asparagus

— Ingredients for 4 people


  • 1 bunch asparagus
  • the

  • 250 g of duckweed
  • the

  • 100 g of pistachios
  • 1 lime
  • the

  • 4 cuil. tablespoons of a good olive oil
  • the

  • parmesan cheese

String asparagus and cut into sections of 3 cm ; rinse.

cook to steam for 5 minutes or more (depending on the size) to keep them crunchy, then plunge them briefly in ice water. Drain and dry them.

Rinse and squeeze gently the duckweed (or other sprouts : spinach, watercress, mizuna…).

Made roast quickly in a dry pan 100 g of pistachio nuts-blanched unsalted coarsely crushed. Divide the portulaca, the pieces of asparagus and pistachios, in 4 plates.

Prepare a vinaigrette with the juice of a green lemon and 4 cuil. tablespoons of a good olive oil (for example, a variety of fresh PDO in Corsica), a pinch of fleur de sel and freshly ground black pepper.

Pour to serving plates and dot with shavings of pecorino pepato (or parmesan). Serve immediately in the entry.

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