Arrests of smugglers of migrants : the Niortais would be a split?”


On the morning of Tuesday 6 February in the framework of an operation of law, the police strike, in the Maine-et-Loire and deux-Sèvres, six people involved in the network of smugglers of migrants. The Niortais would be an intermediary.

In view of cases of ammunition retrieved by the gendarmerie, sometimes in cabins and trailers of heavy trucks, some 70 shots had been drawn in the night of Tuesday 6 to Wednesday 7 June 2017 on the area of Chincé from highway 10, to Jaunay-Marigny in Vienna. The firefight did not injured.

On Monday 12 February, in a press release, the region of the gendarmerie of New-Aquitaine is back on the operation of judicial orchestrated by the research section of Poitiers, supported by the military of the antenna of Tours (Indre-et-Loire) in the intervention group of the gendarmerie nationale, or GIGN, on the morning of Tuesday 6 February.

The dismantled network has delivered nearly a dozen migrants per week for several months

The region of the gendarmerie of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The elite unit of the gendarmerie had arrested five alleged smugglers of migrants in two hotels in the surrounding area, in the Maine-et-Loire. A sixth suspect had been arrested at the same time Niort in a house in the street Amedee-Bollee, a perpendicular to the road from Parthenay to the north of the city.

This last would, in fact, a intermediate : this is why it has been placed under judicial control, as we wrote in our edition of Tuesday, 13 February.

gendarmes mobilized by tens, those of the deux-Sèvres

The five others accused, who were incarcerated at the end of the four days of their custody, are from iraqi Kurdistan. the ” They were mainly on the motorways of the west of France in search of heavy vehicles likely to enter the Great Britain, continues the region of the gendarmerie, in its press release. in The trailer sets the road, parked for the night as rest areas, were then fractured in order to embark the migrants. Despite the many failed attempts, the dismantled network has delivered nearly a dozen migrants per week for several months. “

in Addition to the investigators of the SR of Poitiers and soldiers of the GIGN, who intervened pursuant to a letter rogatory issued by an investigating judge of the pole criminal of Poitiers, the operation of law of the past week has involved a forty constables of groups of Two-Sevres, Vienne and Maine-et-Loire.

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