“Are you left?” When Hollande is struggling to meet

“Are you still left, Fran├žois Hollande?” To the question posed by a journalist from France Inter during the show “The phone rings” on Friday night, the president has struggled to answer.

“Mr. President, are you still … France Inter

“I’m President, I represent all the French,” he begs once. before the matter is rested him, “Are you left” again Francois Hollande avoided answering directly, but develops a little:

my career, my life, my commitment, my choice are always those which allow to respect equality, human dignity and progress. “

in the third raise, the head of state finally let go that” all [his] life is a life a man who is committed to the left, and the rest, “before adding” I’m still committed as I was but I’m not an activist. “

difficulty with of opinion, including the left, he concluded: “I am the President of the French Republic, which shall act according to its own values, its own commitments, for the good of the country and not forgetting anything I am, what I’ve done and what I will do tomorrow, because my commitment has not changed. “

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