ARD documentary: Diack son demanded bribes from runner

Amsterdam. An ARD documentation shows that the former IAAF President Diack and his sons shameless bribe demanded to cover up doping. The Turkish runner Aslı Çakır Alptekin should pay EUR 650 000 to keep Olympic gold. Now were doping to.

In the scandal over the cover-up of doping samples in Athletics IAAF are in an ARD documentary evidence bribe demands were presented by the sons of former IAAF President Lamine Diack.

According massata and Halil Diack have demanded from the Turkish runner Asli Cakir Alptekin up to EUR 650 000 to 2012, a positive doping sample from her disappear allow. Alptekin became in the year Olympic and European champion over 1500 meters.

In March 2013, became known that she was again found guilty of doping because of abnormalities in the blood biological passport. In August 2015 this has been banned for eight years, because it was banned in 2004 already for doping for two years.

In the ARD documentary on Saturday they were the first time to having doped. “There has been a violation of the Anti-Doping Rules. I myself am very sad that this happened, “said Asli Alptekin.

Your eight-year ban was halved because they as star witness in the World Anti-Doping Agency on corruption in the IAAF testified in Diack era. In an appeal the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS was but recently refused to lower their lock again by one year. So she wanted erstreiten the start at the Olympic Games in Rio.

The current 30-year-old athlete claiming the ARD documentary, to be aired on Saturday night that massata Diack came to Istanbul in 2012 and the money had demanded. “This money should go to the chief physician of the IAAF, Gabriel Dollé, and some others in the organization,” she said.

massata Diack is at the interview with her and her husband Ihsan Alptekin the original receivable 650 000 have reduced to EUR 350 000. Both claim to have not accepted this and not paid. When asked why they should pay to massata loud Asli Alptekin replied: That would solve just like that. Around the world top athletes would get a free ride.

Sound recordings available to the ARD uncut, show that Halil massata tried to persuade the Alptekin to bribe and that the IAAF President is obviously been the central figure of the fraud. “Lamine Diack is the person who can solve the problems Altekins” Halil said aloud sound recording. “So they are officially declared clean, we need to put something on the table. These are cases where money has to come into play. “

Halil further explained that you go with the money not directly to chief medical Dollé. “Because the lawyer cares drum. This amounts in cash, so running it! Since nothing is signed. Among us: We know that this is not the first case of this kind “Dolle has allegations of ARD denied

Ex-President Lamine Diack is now accused by the French courts for fraud and money laundering… His son massata is wanted by Interpol for arrest.

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