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Application users will be notified when and how their personal data is used

Google has announced new rules for application developers.

Google has announced new rules regarding how app developers collect and retransmit the personal data they collect from users. Under the new rules, Android apps must, on the one hand, have a privacy policy to clarify their intentions with regard to the data they collect, and on the other hand they must notify users when and how this happens thing. Thus, developers who collect and transmit non-application-related personal data to third parties must clearly explain to users how their personal data is used before the data transfer occurs. The new rules will apply to all functions that involve the transfer of information between the developer’s phone and server, regardless of whether it is information about the operation of the application or various personal data. The rules will apply to all applications installed on Android phones, regardless of the source they come from. Not only the applications installed in the Play Store will be subject to these rules, but also those downloaded from third-party stores. If developers fail to meet these conditions, Google, through Play Protect automated monitoring technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms, will alert the user when an application is about to collect data without having previously informed it. Developers have 60 days to make the necessary changes and comply with the new rules.

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