Apple explains: Like “Hey Siri” with multiple devices is working

Apple explains: Like “Hey Siri” with multiple devices
 is working


Most people are trusted with language assistants like Siri from Apple.

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If the voice assistant is activated by call, only one device should answer, such as the iPhone and not the adjacent iPad. For this to work, several conditions must be met.

Several Apple devices of a user negotiate with each other via Bluetooth, which accepts the call “Hey Siri”. This is to prevent, for example, both the iPhone and an adjacent iPad from reacting together to the keyword combination. The device that has heard the user the most or has recently been picked up then activates the voice assistance system to receive the voice input, as Apple explained in a new support document so far available only in English ,

For this to work, the radio interface must be active on all devices, Apple notes. This may be one of the reasons for that Bluetooth via the control center in iOS 11 does not turn off quickly , In addition, the hardware must be in Bluetooth range, so that the communication works.

Apple hardware should quickly agree with each other, who is now on “Hey Siri” starts.

The manufacturer also recommends updating all iOS devices to the latest software. If some older software use, but several of them may respond to “Hey Siri,” says Apple.

The feature to tune multiple Hey-Siri-enabled devices – including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and more recently HomePod – has been apparently already introduced with iOS 10 and improved with iOS 11. If one of the new Wi-Fi speakers in the area, this answers to “most Siri requests,” says Apple. Users who prefer to use a different device – the Siri function of the HomePod is currently still very limited – then need to wake the desired device before they say “Hey Siri”, or activate Siri by pressing a button.

A simple trick prevents an iPhone or iPad from reacting to “Hey Siri”, runs the support document: simply place the user on the table or other surface with the screen facing down.

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