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ANSL : fear is a very bad advisor

ANSL : fear is a very bad advisor

After ANSL – Lorient (2-3)

Is this a problem of state of mind ?

At a press conference after the match, Pablo Correa has referred to a “lack of humility” and a “release” to explain the second-half of his team. Without a doubt, was there one or two players in particular. Because as a whole, his team did not seem to be evidence of adequacy. This is not his style. On the other hand, she has displayed a mental fragility alarming, considering the context.

This restlessness is not manifested during a first act where Lorient have totally foiled. But the entry of Bellugou, and Cabot, as well as the reorganization of tactical Hake has changed the situation. Lorient has played in over the top and put more pressure on his opponent lorrain. Enough for it to crack.

Lorient have confided after the match having seen the fear in the eyes nancéiens after the reduction of the score. It was not necessary any more to invigorate and persuade them that a “remontada” was possible. This raises the question of players who are able to withstand the pressure, which will only climb by 20 may. Saturday, the reassuring presence and the vision of the game Benoît Pedretti have missed a lot of time.

Why ANSL she foiled in the second period ?

As Lille a week earlier, Lorient took a lot of risks to try to stick up to the score. The Britons ended the game with four attackers. Players nancéiens admit to not having been able to adapt to this change of strategy. A reorganization tactic would make it possible to limit the impact ? Impossible to say.

The ANSL has chosen to keep his 4-3-3 until the end. The ass between two chairs, she played bad shots offensively that are presented and is unbalanced. “We don’t have the right to take a goal against when we lead 2-0,” confided a player. Doubt and fear are rotting the workforce, leading to a fatal loss of lucidity which again poses the question of the level of the group.

Why Dutch oven Maouassa is it out ?

Great man of the first half-time, the young middle-left was asked to leave shortly after the break. He was replaced by Karim Coulibaly. Its speed and quality of percussion is sorely missed on a team deprived of depth and on the back foot. A priori, the wound of the international would be benign. It won’t prevent it from joining the selection U19. A situation that has made gritting of teeth among the staff nancéien.

how many victories ANSL does she need ?

The noose was badly tightened to the ANSL, which counts no more than three points ahead of the two relégables to eight days of the gong. Internally, it is estimated to four the number of wins needed to avoid the final two places. The ANSL has just let go a great window shot with receptions in Lille and Lorient. The following calendar is less favourable, with travel to Guingamp, Nice, Metz, and Dijon. And a hearty menu to Picot : Rennes, Marseille, Monaco and Saint-Etienne.

We liked

The attitude very sober Benjamin Moukandjo, who has not celebrated his goal and his kindness behind the scenes.

The way Issiar Dia has taken its responsibilities on the penalty and turned without shaking. An example to follow.

The variety and quality of all of the corners booted by Julien Cétout and Dutch oven Maouassa. The ANSL will need this weapon in its arsenal.

We didn’t love

The twelfth start of the season (20 matches) without a goal the key for Youssouf Hadji. A first in his career.

The déveine Alexis Busin. After the amounts of Lafont and of Trapp, it is the hand very firm of Lecomte, who was prevented from playing in the rescuers.

See the stands of the Marcel-Picot is empty after the second goal, lorient. The public nancéien does not support any more disappointments to repeat.

P.-H. W.

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