Anger and frustration reign in Brussels face the war of succession to David Cameron

Boris Johnson announced June 30 that it will not seek the post of prime minister to succeed David Cameron.

A sense of confusion or dejection was visible in Brussels, Thursday, July 30, after the announcement of the withdrawal of Boris Johnson in the race at 10 Downing Street. “All for it, amazing! “, will outweigh two officials of the British representation in conversation before the British House,” the Embassy “to the Union that the kingdom will leave.

Confusion, depression, mess also. In institutions so disparaged by the camp Brexit, considering that the “Brussels bashing” ( ‘Brussels bashing’ ) incessant powered by Johnson, in particular through his columns in the Daily Telegraph , is one of the main causes of the vote leave . “I am angry, especially since, in the opposite camp, Cameron was not credible in his defense of Europe and that Labor appeared to have no line” , says an official of the external Action Service, a bit worried about his future.

About relayed to the highest level since at the summit of heads of State and Government, Tuesday, June 28, President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, thanked Mr Cameron for defending Europe during his campaign, but missed, before the twenty-seven other leaders, the Prime Minister has resigned not talk that way to Brussels “during the previous fifteen years”

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unnecessary concessions

the bitterness of the Commission and the Council is also fueled by the fact that concessions made to Mr. Cameron have been for nothing and are henceforth referred to the dustbin of European history. Services had worked for nearly six months to present in February 2016, a “package” of concessions to London and allow camp REMAIN to lead more easily his campaign, as he had claimed .

Twenty-September had especially agreed to give the United Kingdom a right on the eurozone decisions and limit partly the free movement of workers, allowing them to cut benefits social workers for non-UK for four years maximum. “We have made more than the maximum in accordance with the Treaties” said a European official, insisting that modify these would anyway be impossible, that person, and even M . Cameron was aware.

on Tuesday evening, a rumor circulated that though the Prime Minister on the start would have accused his colleagues of not doing enough to help. Right wrong ? “ British bashing” , contrasted the correspondent of a great London newspaper in Brussels: “Spreading such rumors only help those around him to save face. “

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Lies and unpreparedness

“Cameron should first launch the referendum, then start the renegotiation with Brussels , a formal analysis. In this way the British people would have realized that negotiate an end to the free movement while continuing to have access to the domestic market was impossible. And they would have been better informed about the meaning of their vote. “

Now that the unpreparedness and Boris Johnson’s lies are obvious, the British public will she return? Will the referendum be finally canceled? Some in Brussels and in some capitals, fantasize about this scenario of “exit of Brexit”. They think, even hope, no prime minister will dare to initiate divorce proceedings in “notifier” the now famous Article 50 of the European Council. It is not yet “not at all the spirit of European leaders’ , we are assured in the entourage of President Hollande. “The way things are, I do not exclude anything. But it would be another disaster for the UK picture, European politics in general and in particular our institutions, “ says a senior official of the Council.

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No Plan B

in fact, the Brussels machinery now working on the script of Brexit and leaders, despite themselves, pressed London to enact the referendum result, and therefore divorce. “It is difficult to imagine that the United Kingdom does not take account of the popular vote, although citizens have been misled by deceptive arguments, says another diplomat. There is no plan B Europeans, London will trigger the procedure, it also goes its credibility internationally.

Still, Theresa May, serious candidate to succeed Mr Cameron says it does not activate this process by December 2016. However, during Tuesday’s summit and Wednesday ensured that many “September or October, still happening, but longer will be impossible” .

“the business community leaders they let the opportunity wait until then? Their pressure is enormous, “ says an expert. The Commission itself in turmoil and anxious calm – if possible – the game, however, could wait. It considers that the most important is to conclude in early 2019, before the renewal of the European Parliament and the College of Commissioners.

There was no doubt, no “plan B” side pro- the REMAIN , nor the side of the brexiters . There were none, either, in institutions, immersed in the thick fog of a crisis they did not want to see emerge

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