An opposition ? Where ?


As the words of a late con-breeder : “In a general council, the political groups, it is a set of chairs without end”. Then there is no doubt that the scheme presented yesterday will, over time, ceaseless movements. But there really should be a disaster tectonics for Cyril Melchior is put in difficulties. It is now at the head of a group called “solidarity for unity reunion island” which has 20 members.

So not enough to obtain a majority of 26 votes. But as of yesterday, the presentation of motions revealed alliances: they were issued by an “intergroup majority” consisting of the group Melchior, four elected from the group Buffer Future (Tak) and the two elected LPA for the moment without a group (Jacqueline Silotia and Teddy Payet). At right, two other groups are formed, equal in size (7 member each) : Objective Meeting North-East (chaired by Jean-Jacques Morel), and Objective Meeting South-West, chaired by Jean-Claude Lacouture.

The United Left… divided

According to the latter, this split is only “geography : it will be easier to come together,” but in no case of political differences. Besides, at the meeting, the ex-loser of the presidency said all the good he thought of the budget Melchior. In other words, not the slightest criticism. “We are not opponents, that the things are clear”. The mayor of Etang-Salé has still not failed to shoot him those who had supported him, but who have joined Melchior “to sit in a standing committee”.

It was Remy Lagourgue and the Saint-Paulois Patrick Dorla and Jacqueline Henry : “This practice does not honor”. As for the group, The United Left, it is… already divided. Originally, it would have had to count 10 elected but Maurice Gironcel had already taken his distance, and he showed finally a group with her partner Michèle Caniguy. Because it is the novelty introduced yesterday : just now of two mps (as against four previously) to mount a political group in the Department.

D. C.

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