An advisor to Pôle Emploi de Châtellerault, attempts suicide


Exclusive. An advisor to Pôle Emploi of Châtellerault (Vienna), has made a suicide attempt on 2 February in the premises of the regional directorate. The unions have denounced the pressure exerted on the agents.

The information was revealed by the trade unions. The 2 last February, a counselor, Job center of Châtellerault has made a suicide attempt at the headquarters of the regional directorate of the Vienna St. Benedict.

The events in an interview said “managerial”, in which the victim had been convened by the territorial director of the Vienna.

source association, as the agent of Pôle emploi, 52 years, 25 years of age, consultant compensation in Châtellerault, would have tried to throw himself through a window on the 2nd floor, in the office of the chief executive.

The interview take place in closed session. A representative of the staff who accompanied him had remained to wait in the hallway. She was alerted by screams. When she came, our colleague was trying to open the window “, tells the story of Martine Paredès, regional secretary to ” Continue the Fight “, national union of Pôle Emploi.

It is necessary to let the investigation go until the end

Frédéric Toubeau, regional director of Pole Emploi

The victim has been transported to the emergency room, as the representative of the staff, very shocked.

Since then, the counselor châtelleraudaise is the subject of a work stoppage.

The trade unions put in question ” the pressure on all agents of Pole Employment “ to explain this act. “They denounce in particular a device called” Observation of the relation service ” (ORS), implemented nationally since the second half of 2017 to Pôle Emploi, which is supposed to work towards the improvement of service to users. the ” In fact, a policy of personnel management based on fear, intimidation and the permanent control “, according to ” Continue the Fight “.

” Our colleague has already and repeatedly informed of its refusal of the GOLDS “, explains the union.

Through the voice of its regional director of the New Aquitaine Frederick Toubeau, “Pôle Emploi” confirms the facts of the February 2, without going into the details.

” My concern is on the situation and the state of health of our colleague. This is something that upsets us “, commented this afternoon, Frédéric Toubeau.

A cell psychological has been in place since Monday, (February 5, editor’s NOTE) “, indicates the regional director.

Frederick Toubeau ensures that the service in question was ” everything except a maintenance discipline “.

The COMMITTEE of Pôle Emploi has held a special meeting last Thursday.

A joint survey of trade unions and to management was launched.

” let’s let the investigation go until the end “, points out the direction.

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