American Conservative: The United States is slipping into the Middle East trap?

American Conservative: The United States is slipping into the Middle East

Maxim Isayev , February 13, 2018 , 22:33 – REGNUM During the pre-election campaign, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump promised to withdraw US troops from the Middle East when IGIL (an organization banned in Russia) and Al-Qaida (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) will be routed, but the events that followed after that show that the US seems , forever bogged down in the Middle East, writes Patrick Buchanan in an article for The American Conservative. Read also: Strategist: at Tramp on the soft power of the United States a fat cross is placed On the evening of February 10, an Iranian drone, apparently modeled on an American counterpart that fell into the hands of Tehran, invaded Israel’s airspace in the Golan Heights and was hit by an Apache helicopter. Israel sent to Syria fighter F-16 to strike at the area from which the unmanned vehicle was launched. Later, the F-16 was shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft missile, which caused a massive retaliatory attack by the Israeli Air Force. According to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , air strikes occurred in 12 Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria.
From the representatives of the Foundation for the Defense Tony Badrana and Jonathan Shantser was followed by an almost immediate reaction: “The Pentagon and the State Department have already condemned Iran’s actions and supported Israel. At the moment, the question is whether the Trump administration is ready to take further action … US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the US is trying to ensure the security of its allies and to deprive Iran of the opportunity to build a northern route that would link Tehran with Beirut. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to support Israel’s response to the aggression from Iran now and in the future. ” Do not forget that the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy is part of the Israeli lobby and the party of supporters of military operations. In turn, Iran was told that the charges of sending an Iranian drone into Israel’s airspace are “lies.” If Tehran really did this, then he would have done a grand stupid thing. Not only did the dispatch of the UAV lead to a large-scale attack on the territory of Syria. Iran would have framed Russia, namely the Russian military, who could be on Syrian positions. Moreover, in the past few months, the number of dangerous maneuvers by Iranian patrol ships in the vicinity of US warships has declined. Tensions between the US and Iran have declined. Iran did not give Trump new reasons for the dissolution of the nuclear deal.

In fact, why should Iran, together with the president of Syria Bashar Assad , Russia and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah are among the winners in the six-year civil war in Syria, to provoke new bloodshed and retaliatory actions on the part of Israel and the United States? In the north-west of Syria, the Turkish operation “Olive Branch” is taking place in the canton of Afrin, in which the Syrian allies of Ankara also participate. President of Turkey Recep Erdoğan It also threatens to capture the Syrian city of Manbij, located 130 kilometers east of Afrina. It is known that in the area of ​​Mánbije, besides the Kurds, there are also US military instructors. “The Americans say that we do not enter Manbij. We will enter Manbij to transfer these territories to their rightful owners ” , Erdogan said. It seems that the US and Turkey, which have been allies for six decades and possess NATO’s largest armed forces, can soon bring guns to each other. Has Trump thought of all possible options for the development of the situation in Syria, when the number of the US military grouping reaches only 2,000, and Washington has no allies inside the country except the Kurds, and on the opposite side is the government army of Syria, Hezbollah, Russia and Iran, as well as Shiite groups from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Read also: American Conservative: What is hidden behind the backdoor of the military parade in Washington?
Obviously, the US should support the Kurds, who suffered heavy losses in the liberation of the eastern region of Syria from IGIL (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation). Washington is also strategically interested in maintaining allied relations with Turkey. However, in order to achieve these goals, the White House needs active diplomacy, not military action. What are the prospects for the US in Syria after the defeat of IGIL (an organization whose activities are banned in Russia) and the gradual completion of the civil war? The Israeli Prime Minister and the Defense of Democracy Fund seem to want the US military forces, together with the Israeli armed forces, to begin a confrontation with Iran, Assad and Hezbollah. The interests of Israel are obvious, however, what is of interest to the United States? Which result would justify the outbreak of another regional war? When Trump participated in the election race, it seemed that he knows the answers to all these questions.

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