American actor Aziz Ansari, accused of sexual assault, at the heart of a debate about consent

American actor Aziz Ansari, accused of sexual assault,
 at the heart of a debate about consent

The site Babe.com has published the story of an anonymous young woman who says she “felt violated” after an appointment with the comedian. Which assures that he thought she was in favor of having sex. The debate is raging in the United States and the United Kingdom, but has had little response in France. Probably because the actor involved in the case is little known in France. Creator of the series Master of None , broadcast on Netflix, Aziz Ansari crystallizes the debate on the notion of consent. The comedian has indeed admitted having sex with a woman who accuses him of sexual assault . But for the latter, the relationship was “totally consented” . As a result, editorial writers and Anglo-Saxon media are tearing themselves apart on this story. Franceinfo summarizes the controversy. What happened ? The feminist website Babe.com (in English) revealed the testimony of the young woman, Sunday, January 14. A 23-year-old photographer, simply identified by the name Grace, claims to have met Aziz Ansari in September 2017 at an evening after the Emmy Awards ceremony. They meet again a few days later for a date in New York. The evening continues in the apartment of the actor where he would have made repeated aggressive advances despite the “verbal and nonverbal signals” according to her, that she did not want to have sex with him. I know that I physically sent signals that I was not interested. I do not think they were noticed or, if they were, they were ignored. Grace at Babe.com The young woman tells that the comedian “did not stop (…) to put his two fingers in my mouth and in my throat, then to put them in my vagina” . She says she finally agreed to do a blowjob to Aziz Ansari. “I cried all the way back, I felt violated, I had no control over this last hour” , She said. I think Aziz took advantage of me. I was not listened to but ignored. This is by far the worst experience with a man I have ever had. Grace at Babe.com How is the actor defending himself? The actor acknowledged their meeting while arguing that any sexual activity “was according to all indications totally consented” . “The next day, I received an SMS from her saying that even though ‘it seemed OK’, on reflection, she felt uncomfortable , he said. It’s true that everything seemed OK so when I heard that was not the case for her, I was surprised and worried. ” This is the text Grace * feels Aziz Ansari after their date which left her feeling “violated”. She tells Ansari how uncomfortable he made her feel, saying “you ignored clear non-verbal cues” and “kept going with advances.” Read the full story on https://t.co/FyMMG6uO1j . pic.twitter.com/lPOvW6tFTr – babe (@babedotnet) January 14, 2018 This story is also highlighted by Aziz Ansari’s positions. Because the humorist has never hidden his commitment to the feminist cause. It supports the movement #MeToo , which aims to free women’s speech against sexual harassment, and which was triggered after the accusations in early October against the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein . What are the reactions? Is Aziz Ansari’s behavior a sexual assault, given Grace’s testimony? The question divides in the United States and the United Kingdom, tells International mail , which compiled the reactions of various Anglo-Saxon media. There are those who support Grace and condemn the actor. ” Nobody says that what [he] is accused is to put on the same plane as the abuses of Weinstein , writes Emily Reynolds in the Guardian . We just want to remember that the existence of these abusive behaviors to different degrees affects the life of women in a negative and constant way. ” Jamil Smith, journalist at Los Angeles Times and at HuffPost, insures Twitter that “in the light of the reported facts, he seems to have no understanding of what consent is” . I was finally able to read the account of the date @azizansari . From the description events, he appears to have no understanding whatsoever of sexual consent. Nor do his defenders, it seems. It is appalling to see some shift attention away from his coercive and violent acts. – Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) January 16, 2018 On the other side, there are those who think that this case goes too far, like Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic . “Professionally, today is a dead man , she denounces. Murdered by the anonymous story of a woman. ” For her, the situation resembles a case of “revenge porn”, a practice that is to revenge an ex by publishing photos or intimate videos on the internet. Bad bad guys, even those who are humiliating, are not worth appearing in newspapers, even if they come to famous people. Sonny Bunch, Washington Post reporter The Express also spotted CNN reporter Ashkeigh Banfield’s speech for which Grace is guilty of not filing a complaint. “Your sexual encounter was not pleasant, certainly, but it did not affect your job or your ability to find a job. (…) If you have been assaulted, go to the police. Right now” she said facing the camera. Read also Related topics

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