Amazon: This new AI chip makes Alexa faster and faster smarter

Amazon: This new AI chip makes Alexa faster and faster

Alexa and her new AI chip: Artificial intelligence Amazon wants to give its echo devices with the help of an in-house development. (Photo: dpa)

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Amazon wants to improve the user experience of its Alexa devices with its own AI chip and make it faster. Artificial intelligence is thus becoming a feature of the season.

Huawei is already working Samsung also, as well Microsoft . Google and Apple – and now it wants to have Amazon for its Echo series: artificial intelligence, which is to ensure thanks to KI chips that the devices when recognizing the will of the user does not have to send everything first in the cloud. After media reports Amazon develops its own AI chip, the virtual assistant Alexa to facilitate the understanding of human desires and requirements. The AI ​​support Alexa should be able to understand faster and commands can interpret and process faster.

Artificial intelligence could bring the power of digital assistants to a whole different level than we are used to today. Easier tasks that do not require network connectivity could be done faster and more easily without having to send data through the cloud first. Even in the processing of complex data, for the Amazon last year already the Startup Graphiq taken over KI could in the future ensure that significantly more computing work can be done without the help of the cloud.

Another positive side effect: because the virtual assistants do not have to process every input via the cloud, the user could regain some of their privacy. However, just the more complex search queries continue to do well without the detour via the cloud.

Amazon has the budget for its own AI developments

What is new is that (as was the case in the late 1990s and early ’00s), big companies like Apple and the Homepod used A8 chip put on their own chips. Although this ensures that the company has a finger on who can use the technology, but means an immense development effort that had spared even large companies recently. So was Apple’s homepod above all else because of its hitherto weak detection capabilities been criticized. That just Amazon this step towards development own chips, was already in 2015 after the acquisition of Annapurna Labs from. At that time, Amazon had taken over the Israeli company for about 350 million US dollars. And if next to Apple and Google, a digital company has high development budgets, should be the Amazon.

Apparently, the implementation of AI capabilities this season is the feature companies want to stand out from the competition. And so we will first see AI chips in the stationary devices and in mobile terminals of the upper class. Naturally, it is easier for companies to incorporate such AI chips into the more powerful network-powered devices that have more space (and potentially more computing power). Conversely, AI skills can make the user experience just like that language processing improve significantly. How the additional KI chips affect the power consumption of mobile devices in particular will have to be seen. Conversely, the processor power required for the computing process drops here.

Numerous AI features for MWC expected

It is expected that just in connection with the Mobile World Congress , which will be held in Barcelona at the end of February, announcing further companies with similar components and suitable applications. In particular, that Samsung Galaxy S9 should come up with appropriate features after Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro (test) had already been presented in the autumn with the prospect of (yet to be created) AI applications. However, it will only be necessary to show how well and effectively the respective companies use machine learning. Because the mere fact that such a chip in a device provides its service, does not ensure a substantial improvement in the skills of each digital assistant.

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