A “unique” product to increase stays

The business of tourism in Granada sees with good eyes the launch of the Andalusian axis. A project that will provide a “unique” to have “very little” internationally competitive product. This can help to increase overnight stays and to break the seasonality in the province thanks to the cultural potential that is offered. Two issues “key” needed by the sector to grow, notes Antonio García, general secretary of the Provincial Federation of Hotel and Tourism Companies of Granada. And the average stay of 1.9 days in Granada still “stuck for a long time.” The alliance four has generated great expectations in this regard to be offered a tourist attraction “first order”.

Speaking to Granada Today , Garcia says that attracting travelers from the United States, Canada, Japan, India, Persian Gulf or Australia will be “very beneficial to Andalusia” by the high purchasing power that is presumed to tourists from these countries and their interest in culture and customs. In that sense, Seville, Malaga and Cordoba “are not bad partners”.

So, the secretary general of the Federation of Hotels welcomes the start of the axis for which claims a “powerful” investment bet the field of promotion as commercial plot directly manage the business.

the private sector Granada tucked in Malaga yesterday the presentation of the brand image. The delegation was composed by Garcia himself with Vice President of the Federation, Juan Luis Alvarez, President of the Grenadine Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CGE), Gerardo Cuerva, Secretary General of the CGE, Luis Aribayos, and on behalf of the Granada Convention Bureau attended Carlos Navarro.

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