A supporter puts ANSL sold on the Right Corner…

A supporter puts ANSL sold on the Right Corner…

in the Face of the inferno series to the negative ANSL (7 losses, 1 draw in the last 8 matches), there are the fans who get depressed and there are others who prefer to express their disappointment in a way funny. After all, this is football… This is the way that a fan nancĂ©ien baptized Stan was amused yesterday to put online on the famous site “The Good Corner” an announcement about sale of ANSL. The displayed price of 20 million euros.

The small description accompanying the photos of the stade Marcel-Picot, and of the Forest of the Hague is on tour with a lot of humor in the way of a real estate advertisement. “Construction in 1967, slight renovation in 2007. Left in the state since then.” Thus, it is stipulated that the works are to be envisaged, including a “carpet synthetic change” and a ” coat-of-arms to restore “, “a few leaks at the back to signal” also. The three goals scored by Lorient on Saturday are gone… Thanks to the worst attack in L1, on the other hand, ” nothing wicked before.” The red and white club, which goes up and which goes down, like say the ultras metz also has a ” lift in perfect running condition “. All with an ” energy diagnosis very low “. There is even a trophy room with “plenty of space available” !

” The chinese buyers are on the move, “according to the announcement of an urgent nature,” to grasp “. But Stan, in a good prankster until the end, arises when the same conditions of sale : “Funny and Cyril Guth abstain “.

A. J.

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