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A Norwegian court accepts the claim of pensions Spanish prisoners

A Norwegian court has accepted to process the demand of the Long Hope Association, which represents sailors who claim their pension to the Scandinavian country, reported EFE his spokesman, Alberto Paz Viñas.

entity groups 12,000 Spanish sailors , of which 8,000 are Galicians, who worked between 1948 and 1994 in the Norwegian merchant marine, which were forbidden by law to pay social security .

There paid their taxes and when they began to retire discovered that the Nordic country refused to meet the payment of their pensions, so now mobilize every month.

Now, after many procedures, these people have got a district court in Oslo has accepted to process the application, rejected in the past on the grounds that there were defects in the procedure.

“it’s good to have accepted it because it already means that there is something to discuss, is the first step to Strasbourg. This is achieved after two years of grappling a group of decent with dignity and shame defending his own “old, said Paz Viñas.

He claims that have not fallen short” or the central Government or the Government of the Xunta, who have not lifted a finger and there is nothing to thank them, “says while accused of” unworthy “behavior policy-makers.

Remember that your struggle will continue and will not leave the streets until “ such a great social injustice is resolved ” in detailing the Government of Norway does not stop putting “obstacles”.

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