A new musical comedy


This is the third year that the MJC of Naintré proposes the creation of a musical comedy. The troop “Majic Comedy” will present in may, ” The air of time “, a musical show created by two professionals, the Benedict Rock to the stage and Tchaï Vang for the choreographies.

After “Passage not wise” in 2016 and “The code of the pirate” in 2017, the troupe of 45 performers will transport us into an incredible journey through a time machine to go back in time extraordinary. A scholarly, somewhat crazy is the designer of this machine, but a group of young people will inadvertently put on the road and they will visit randomly different times, and meet the iconic figures of our past.
This year again, the atmosphere created is very good. 45 artists all dancers and singers, 8 soloists, are found regularly in the evenings and many weekends to rehearse the show. A group of talented volunteers built the sets, including the machine and the scooter of the time. The decorations of the different periods will be projected on a giant screen on the stage.
The team of comedians, which is renewed in part every year, keep a hard core, which participates since the first edition. According to professionals, the level of talent grows thanks to the experience and the atmosphere of the troupe, getting stronger. And, from 2017, a group of migrants welcomed to Naintré participates in the adventure. This year, they will be three. The troupe led by these two professionals is proud to be succeed to create one show per year for three years and have earned a reputation sympathetic.
This creation is a pretext for fun and carry the public with a work requirement, professional. The performances will take place on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 may at 20: 30 and Sunday, may 20 at 15 pm in the Multimedia hall of Lencloître. Very beautiful theatre that has just the right size for this musical comedy with a large stage capable of accommodating the choreography is frenzied of Tchaï Vang. The ticket prices will be€16.

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