A fan of sports shoes instead of running shoes sent “sternvaginu”

A fan of sports shoes instead of running shoes sent

A fan of athletic shoes from Canada Logan Clayton admitted that he had recently ordered another pair of sneakers, but the package he received instilled a genuine horror into the young man, though later he mocked to tears. For some reason, he received a silicone vagina, placed on a woman’s foot.

Initially, the young man was generally afraid to touch the parcel, because he thought that a severed human leg was wrapped in a package, the sex toy looked extremely realistic.
The 19-year-old Logan studies in a Canadian college and usually orders sneakers through a well-known online store. One morning he was awakened by a courier and said that the parcel arrived, which already alerted the young man, because she arrived much earlier than the due date. Nevertheless, later he thought that it was still great, because new sneakers would arrive sooner than expected.
As a result, taking the parcel, he saw one of the strangest things in his life – the silicone female vagina, for something placed in the female foot. To her was affixed a label with the inscription USA, as well as a price tag of $ 200.

“At first I thought that it was my friends who made me so bred, but then I realized that it was not so when I saw the price tag. Since they slept all the suspicions are too expensive. I’m still at a loss as to who decided to play a trick on me, because it’s a rather strange type of humor, “Logan said.

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