A drop of green in an oil spill

F abuleuse energy source, oil has revolutionized our history. Reviewing it in terms of “ black gold ” present in all major geopolitical, economic events and social, can only change our look. It is the successful bet of Matthew Auzanneau, which in a fascinating book (1), tells an epic fantasy – however the risk of overestimating the role played by oil. Powerful, versatile, polymorphous, omnipresent oil remains most precious fuel technical humanity . “ Fluid, easy to use, to transport, store, distilled, it is a component of countless products, from detergents to toothpaste, napalm plastics, concrete agricultural fertilizer. It feeds mainly automotive transportation, sea, air, space, which accelerated globalization transformed the armies and wars. All at an almost ridiculous price, and in unlimited quantities. Godsend or the Devil, oil has sharpened all appetites, caused many conflicts and permits fabulous profits. Including the United States, which he based on their power.

The party she was over ? At the rate we currently consumes, depletion of known reserves and exploitable is predictable. And the proposal to freeze the two-thirds of the remaining fossil fuels would cause for concern “ Big Oil ” – the multinational oil companies. Now it does not seem to be the case. Throughout the producing and consuming countries, oil companies dominate, imposing their interests to political power, in collusion with the finance and major banks.

It is the latter, and more specifically to their representatives French, that are attacking Attac and information site Basta ! in Black Book pest (2). Anything goes: the speculative frenzy, the hands on savings – diverted from the economy of funding – the placement of toxic loans, the scam bank charges, tax evasion, the rate of manipulation, bleaching and scams, obscene pay and bonuses for executives. With impunity. Saved from bankruptcy thanks to public money, private banks successfully resisted tendencies of regulation and moralization. Better: when their interests are threatened, they practice a frantic lobbying on “ The house does not burn, continue to look elsewhere “. To sacrifice to the times, they integrate a homeopathic dose of Ecology and make lather a drop of green in a sea of ​​oil spill ; because they remain “ addicted ” to oil, coal, nuclear, and invest massively. A duplicity that deceives no one, if not governments.

And in particular that of France, if one believes Pierre Larroutourou. Formerly a member of the Socialist Party, he has, after several back and forth, left-apparently permanently in 2013, it now co-chairs the New Deal movement. In a small polemic, he calls totally null those who lead us (3 ). He blames them for not wanting to tackle the root of the problems, particularly unemployment and job insecurity, which six million victims per year, while the crisis is getting worse and, to quote the finding of Edgar Morin, like sleepwalkers we walk towards the abyss . Yet solutions exist, according to the author, which offers five. in particular it suggests using the 1 200 billion created shortly by the European Central Bank (ECB) to fight against climate change and develop renewable energy, instead of entrusting them to banks as planned. It remains to convince multinationals, or to require them to change course and to convert, by interest, the virtuous practices imposed warming. Success is not guaranteed. Because, as Carlos Fuentes wrote maliciously in Le Bonheur families (Gallimard), be good [by interest] can fool God, not the devil . “

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