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A centre d'reception of migrants soon established in the Marmandais


The decision was announced at a public meeting that took place on Monday evening. The mayor and councillor for the département, Jacques Bilirit, announced that the commune had made application for the creation of a Centre of reception and orientation of migrants (CAD) in the former residence of the school, which will be leased by the association Solincité, manager of the home in the Marmandais.

“The State is in need of your tickets,” insisted Francis Bianchi, the sub-prefect of Marmande, pointing out thata CAD was a place of passage and that all expenditures were supported by the State.

According to Aline Couturier, director of the social centre of Solincité, “the stigmatization of migrants is lower in small villages and hence the integration much better.” “We will have need of the inhabitants to install a life around of migrants,” concluded Jacques Bilirit, stating that the building unoccupied for 30 years and upgraded by the technical services will be functional at the end of February.

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