3000 motorhomers expected until'Sunday in Périgueux

3000 motorhomers expected until'Sunday at Périgueux

The space of a few days, the largest restaurant in the town of Périgueux will open at the exhibition centre of Marsac-sur-l’isle, for motor-homes have come on the occasion of their feast european. This is the catering perigord Philippe Tardieux, located in Boulazac, which has won the call for tenders launched by the organizers of this event, which will bring together 3 000 people during the three days, between Friday 19 and Sunday 21 may.

If a portion of the participants has a pair in the city and even across the department, some like to keep them on the site. This is their offer the possibility of on-site dining for lunch and dinner, and, especially, to ensure that the gala dinner of 1 500 covers of Saturday evening.

” It was a nice challenge that I like, those that give a little thrill “, plays Philippe Tardieux. For this company of four people, this is a very big job of logistics. “My son Alexander, who works in a chain of restaurants in Paris, took vacation days to come to give us a helping hand to the organization. We will hire 40 young people from the catering school of Savignac through a temp agency to provide the service, ” says the caterer, who is working on the subject for the past three weeks.

Tardieux father and son in the great hall of 1,500 seats in the course of preparation : it will be full for the evening gala on Saturday.Tardieux father and son in the great hall of 1,500 seats in the course of preparation : it will be full for the evening gala on Saturday.

photo Credit : Jean-Christophe Sounalet

Since its installation, there was just fifteen years old, it will be one of its biggest operations. Equipped for meals for 700 to 800 people, it had to complement its hardware for the rental and work about it with a very big precision for the past three weeks. It has planned its supplies, assuming the dating of the previous editions.


70-meter dishes in hands

” Everything is cooked in my local Boulazac, suite put under vacuum and cooled, before being transported in our trucks fridge at the parc des expositions. It is then enough to prepare and reheat at serving time. Knowing that in a large room like this, it is necessary to traverse 70 yards with the plates. Everything is to be expected. “

For the gala dinner, this will be home-made foie gras with fig chutney, duck leg and gratin of asparagus, pavlova, strawberries from Périgord for dessert and, of course, wines of Bergerac !


Good for the local economy

” It should not be wrong when one is on such an organisation, ” sighs Philippe Tardieux, who has ordered 250 pounds of foie gras and all of its products to wholesalers and producers in the surrounding area. This makes walking in the local economy. “It has almost everything to Boulazac or not far. “It will also be responsive if more and more motorhomers are a part. And it will not count hours.

At age 54, Philippe Tardieux a skilled in the art. It is the third generation of the trades of mouth after Lucien, his grand-father, and Gilbert, his father, who were pork butchers and caterers in Trélissac. He took over as caterer after studying cuisine in Bergerac, training is completed in houses in Switzerland, in Saint Tropez to Bergerac. Rather, there is a proud of his son Alexander, passed by the school of Savignac, now restaurant manager. The fourth generation had come to participate in this great moment.

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