2018 olympic games – alpine Skiing (F) – JO 2018 : slalom women will begin that'at 3: 45 pm

JO 2018 - Pyeongchang alpine Skiing (Women)

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The weather continues to misbehave at the games in Pyeongchang : the start of the first run of the slalom women has been delayed an hour and a half, and will begin at 3: 45 pm.

Ski - JO - The wind is not lying in Pyeongchang. (Reuters)

The wind is not lying in Pyeongchang. (Reuters)

The violent wind which has already forced the olympic organizers in Pyeongchang to postpone to Thursday the trials of the men’s downhill and giant female continues to disrupt the program of alpine skiing in the olympics in Pyeongchang. The departure of the first leg of the slalom on Wednesday, was first delayed an hour, and then finally a quarter of an hour only… and finally pushed back an hour and a half.

The weather conditions are too complicated. The first round must now begin at 11: 45am local, 03h45 in France. The start of the second round has also been delayed and will be delivered at 14: 45 local, 06: 45 in France.

S. K., Pyeongchang

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